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The Mission of the Global Outreach Team at Montavilla Church is to make missions an upbeat and ever-present part of the life of the church. 

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Pastor of Missions and Outreach: Brian Heerwagen

The Heart of Missions at MBC 

Montavilla Church believes and is committed to teaching the following scriptural principles: 

  • “Missions” is a theme throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation. 

  • Every human being is lost and condemned to hell without a personal faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. (John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Romans 3:23, Revelation 20:15, 21:8) 

  • God’s desire is for every person to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  (Luke 19:10, 1 Timothy 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9) 

  • God has given the local church the responsibility to proclaim the gospel in a way that is understandable, biblically accurate, relevant, and persuasive.  (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, Romans 10:14-15) 

  • Since God has ordained that the universal Church be expressed in local bodies of believers, fulfilling the missionary mandate will involve establishing indigenous, culturally relevant, biblically based churches in every people group.  (Acts 14:21-27, Titus 1:5, Revelation 5:9) 

  • Because God is concerned for the whole man, missions will involve the meeting of physical, mental, emotional, and social needs, as well as the proclamation of the gospel.  However, such ministries are to be done in the name of Jesus Christ with an overarching goal of spiritual transformation.  (Matthew 10:42, Galatians 6:10, 1 Peter 2:12) 

  • Fulfilling the Great Commission will involve: 

  • Praying to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers from our midst. 

  • Giving sacrificially to support the work of our own and other missionary efforts. 

  • Committing to intercessory prayer to effectively uphold each individual missionary and challenge the powers of darkness. (Acts 13:1-5, Philippians 4:15-19, Ephesians 6:12-20) 

Our Responsibility in Missions 

  • Montavilla Church seeks to be a catalyst for every church attender to develop into a World Christian. 

  • We will look for strategic opportunities for effective cross-cultural witness both here and abroad

  • We will set apart and send out qualified members from our own congregation as missionaries, as well as support missionaries from other congregations in obedience to The Great Commission. 

  • We will annually review the work and needs of each missionary with information from the Annual Missionary Report.  The GO Team will use this information in order to exercise wise stewardship, promote biblical accountability and provide needed support of all kinds. 

Individual Believers’ involvement in Missions 

Montavilla Church believes God has a role for every believer in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  At any given time, every believer is a goer, sender and/or receiver.  Each believer should be open to God’s choice of role. 

  • Go-ers do not need a miraculous call or series of unmistakable circumstances pointing to service, but they do need a clear conviction that God is leading them into missionary service.  They must demonstrate their conviction of God’s leading to missions and their giftedness for ministry and spiritual maturity and character needed for effective missionary service. 

  • Senders provide prayer, friendship, encouragement, finances, and missionary care. 

  • Receivers welcome and assist people from other countries who are living, studying, or visiting within our sphere of influence. 

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